Church List

updated Sept 2014

Where can you find IVCF students on Sundays? Check out the places below! Email addresses are unless noted.

Holy Trinity Church

10:30am - main service

meeting at: Ray Elementary School, 5631 S. Kimbark (map it)

Contact: Frederic Repond (ftrepond), Shaun Tan (shauntan), Marcos Gouvea (mgouvea), Mike Reppert (mreppert)

Holy Trinity's vision is "to see the city of Chicago transformed by the power of the gospel of Jesus." A non-denominational church with a (relatively) formal service, Holy Trinity meets at 10:30am. The Hyde Park congregation has counterparts on the downtown, west side, and north side of Chicago.

Hyde Park Vineyard

9:00am - early service
11:00am - late service

meeting at the Lutheran School of Theology, 1100 E. 55th Street (map it)

Contact: Kevin Vollrath (kvollrath)

Hyde Park Vineyard is the local branch of the Vineyard Christian Fellowship. "God's mission through the Hyde Park Vineyard Church is to produce world changers and world changing churches, who are 100% devoted to Jesus and each other and others in this world." Sunday mornings feature a contemporary, gently charismatic service.

Living Hope Church

10:30am - main service

meeting at 6414 S. Cottage Grove (map it)
Contact: Peter and Kathryn Scherpelz (pscherpelz)

Living Hope, affiliated with the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), is "a loving, multi-ethnic community of disciples, reaching the nations on campus, in Chicago, and beyond with words and deeds of God's grace and truth, justice and mercy in Christ's name and Spirit, and for His honor and renown." Living Hope meets at 64th and Cottage Grove, and there is a shuttle to/from campus. Lunch is provided after the service (around noon).

Church of the Shepherd (formerly Hyde Park Alliance)

10:15am - main service

5139 S Dorchester (map it)

Contact: David Reher (dmreher)

Church of the Shepherd, formerly known as Hyde Park Alliance Church, has a rich history as one of the oldest evangelical churches in Hyde Park. The small-but-vibrant congregation is committed to "Living in Christ With One Another For the Sake of God's Mission in Hyde Park and the World."

Hyde Park University Bible Fellowship (Hyde Park UBF)

10:00am - main service

5407 S. Hyde Park Blvd. (map it)
the 171 stops right in front,
Contact: Anna Tam (annajtam)

Hyde Park UBF, affiliated with University Bible Fellowship (UBF) International, is a multi-ethnic, non-denominational congregation known for its encouragement of personal discipleship through 1:1 Bible study and closely-knit community. "Through our ministry, we pray that students may encounter Jesus Christ through in-depth Bible study, and later expressed and put into practice through meaningful fellowship in Christian community. Our long-term vision is to equip students to become Bible teachers, Christian scholars, and world changers. Based on this vision, we pray that the University of Chicago may become like a 'University for Christ'--a place that inspires and equips students to become influential leaders for the sake of Christ in their community and beyond."

Hyde Park Korean Church (HPKC)

10:00am - main service (Korean)

meeting at Hyde Park Union Church, 5600 S Woodlawn, 3rd Floor (map it),

HPKC meets on the 3rd floor of Hyde Park Union Church (walk around and down Woodlawn to the side entrance). . The service is in Korean at 10:00 am and lunch is provided afterwards. A somewhat smaller church, Hyde Park Korean has a close knit relatively young community. At its core, Hyde Park Korean Church came about because people came together to study God's Word. There are also cell groups that meet throughout the week for a more intimate time of bible study, discussion, and prayer.

Church of the Beloved

4:00pm SATURDAY - main service
meet at Reynolds Club at 2:30pm to take CTA to the church

1443 W Roosevelt Road (map it),
Contact: Mikalea Betts (mbetts)

Church of the Beloved is a relatively new church that meets in the South Loop area of Chicago (=a little west of Target and UIC).The Church of the Beloved is a recent church launch where the Good News of Jesus Christ is the focus and foundation of all that we do. We pray that the Gospel will not only transform our lives, but also the lives we encounter and the communities that we live in. We hope you will join us for a service and get to know the heart and vision of our church!

Lakeview Church

8:45am - van pickup in Hyde Park
10:00am - main service

950 Northbrook Ave., Northbrook IL (map it)


We at Lakeview Church live with a purpose to multiply Disciples of Christ in our neighborhoods. We desire to see the hope of Jesus impact us personally and also our community. And so every Sunday we come together to gather in worship and small group to process and wrestle with how we can learn to be honest, vulnerable, and real with how we can integrate the Gospel in every aspect of our lives. We want to move away from a Sunday only faith to one that engages us on a daily basis. We believe that God is more than just something one day but is really the King of the universe. Don't let the fact that we're out in the far suburbs scare you--there is a van to and from Hyde Park. The service is followed by College Group and (often) lunch on the way back to Hyde Park, returning around 1:30-2:30pm.

Chinese Christian Union Church (CCUC)

9:45am - English service
services also offered in Cantonese and Mandarin at other times

2301 S. Wentworth (map it)


CCUC is a large congregation with 3 different services - English, Chinese and Cantonese. It is a church located at the heart of Chinatown (go south through the Gate at Cermak and Wentworth; CCUC will be on your left a few blocks south), and a home to people of all different types. The church itself is comprised of different ethnicities, and holds a community of a lot of college aged believes from different universities in Illinois. On Sundays there is a van that drives UChicago students to church, and people usually get back to campus ranging anything from 12:30 - 3:00pm.

Gospel Life Presbyterian Church

9:40am - Bible Study
10:45am - Morning Service
5:00pm - Evening Service

1921 S. Archer Avenue (map it)
Contact: Enoch Chan (enochltchan at

Gospel Life Church is a new church located in the South Loop of downtown Chicago that is enthusiastic about bringing glory to God through Christ-exalting worship and through joyful ministry to those in need of Christ-like compassion. Gospel Life affiliated with a reformed Christian denomination called the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.